Ljubljana, Outdoor Dining After Dark

Taken this summer in Ljubljana, Slovenia, an incredible city!

Processed with Topaz Studio - first colors adjusted and then Impression.


Beautiful …

It’s a fascinating result

brings the summer back

Great capture with just enough treatment with detail. If you enlarge it you can still see the expressions on the faces.

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Great looking image …

I found the color tone very appealing and the use of Impression adds a nice atmospheric mood to the image. Nice work!

makes you look more carefully - captures the atmosphere

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @AiDon, @Mond, @Laundromat, @Michigander, @BobKramer, @cre8art and @el48tel, they are very encouraging.

It was a fun image to work on!

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Lots of atmosphere in this photo. beautiful.

Thank you very much, @XiaoLin, it was a great place to visit!