In late October, I installed Manjaro on my second SSD. Since then, I’ve essentially been booting exclusively in Manjaro rather than Windows 10. In case anyone here is interested in linux, I thought I’d post a list of photo and art related software I’ve successfully got running in linux.

These are all using Wine as I’m not interested in using virtual machines unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

I’ll start with Topaz. I never go hooked on the newer AI versions, so as of now I’m only attempting to get the legacy software and studio1 & 2 working.

Studio 1: It starts, but when I try to open an image, it just spins
Studio 2: I haven’t tried it yet, and since it can’t call the legacy plugins, I likely won’t try to get it working
photoFXLab: Fortunately I have this oldie, and it seems to run just fine. I’ve edited and saved, used layers, masks, and blending modes, and I’ve called the handful of plugins I’ve installed so far.
Adjust 5: Works.
Clean 3: Works.
ReMask 5: Works.
Restyle: Works.
Simplify 4: Works.
Impression 2: Does not work. :frowning_face: I’ll keep trying…

So that’s everything I’ve tried from Topaz so far. Quite a few plugins remain to test.

Lightroom 5.x: This has been my core photo software since I upgraded it from LR4 years ago. I never liked the idea of subscribing to CC. Anyway, I’ve got it working as well. And I’ve been able to use the edit-in feature to call up the working Topaz plugins.

Nik Collection (the free Google version): I’ve installed the collection, but only tested SilverFX pro. It works standalone and called from LR. In both cases it seems a little slower than in Windows. I still need to try it from photoFXLab.

Affinity: I have not been able to get photo, designer, or publisher to install and run.

Painter 2019: Also can’t install and run.

ArtRage 6: This works. I just opened a blank canvas, painted some lines and saved. Can’t say if it runs the same or slower.

Rebelle 4: This works. I did the same as ArtRage.

If anyone has any experience getting things to work that I couldn’t, please let my know. I’ll add the other Topaz plugins as I try them.

Best regards