Linux exe


could you create a Linux version of Topaz Photo AI.
Switching from Linux to Windows is time consuming.

Note : Topaz Photo AI does not even install under Linux + Wine

Thanks in advance.

It does actually sort of work under Wine. I’m running Photo AI version 2.0.5 under Wine (in the form of Bottles). It is somewhat fiddly to install it, but there are some instructions in this thread: Linux Support (Wine). The most recent version (v2.1.0) didn’t install when I tried to upgrade the other day; it may or may not work if you spend more time setting up dependencies and such in a Windows container (“bottle”). But v2.0.5 works well enough for my needs and I’m not willing to spend a lot of time experimenting with different settings and downloading various dependencies at the moment (and there seems to be a new version to upgrade to every week so it is hard to keep up). Version 2.0.5 will have to do for now.