Linear / ACEScg EXR sequence support (Import & Export)

The ability to import EXRs using a viewing LUT (so we can see what we’re doing) and then being able to export the result back into the same EXR colorspace flavor would greatly increase Topaz Video Enhance AIs usefulness in our (and i’m sure many other people’s) pipeline. Having to bounce something out in a video colorspace as a QT and then re-importing, and changing back into linear is far from ideal. Supporting raw camera files from ARRI and RED, or at least there LOG form as DPX would be super helpful as well.

Is this the first request for this topic? I just came here for that - upvoted.
But please also with ACES2065-1 support for proper exports.

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Even just support for the exr container with it’s 16 and 32 bit floating point bit depths with much better lossless compression than the 16bit tiff option.
I’m saving out a 8K 16 bit tiff sequence at the moment and it’s 200Mb a frame!
If I save a zips compressed 16 bit half float exr it comes to 130Mb a frame
Or if I use the dwaa lossy compression (at level 45) with 16 bit half float exr it’s 91Mb.

It would be great to have the option to use this industrial strength image format.

I understand that there may be a lot of permutations of models to regenerate if you wanted to support Linear space with ACESCg primaries.
I’m ok with Rec709 as but would prefer if the models could support values over 1.0 if possible

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