Limit/Change "Max Memory Usage" slider while video processes, since we can't pause/resume tasks

I’ve dug through the forums to desperately find a way to pause and resume 20+ hour-long video processes so I can still use my computer’s resources while it’s running, and haven’t found anything or heard anything from developers on the feature that’s in the works.

I typically have my max memory usage slider set to 100% so I can process them as fast as I can overnight, but when I need to use my laptop it is almost impossible. I’m on MacOS 13.2 on an M2 Max 12-C CPU and 38-C GPU, 96GB of RAM. Given that we can’t pause a process, I’ve tried sliding that limit slider down to 50% or lower during the day, but it seems like that slider only works on processes that haven’t started yet, and don’t affect ones that are already ongoing. Is there a way to limit the GPU usage halfway through a process? I use the app “App Tamer” which can limit CPU processes, but not GPU processes, as far as I know.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

There have been many similar requests and questions, and I really want to know: Are you requesting this because your computer does not function normally while processing, or you worry that it won’t?

I have to ask because I’m still able to do everything I normally would do on my computer while processing. Granted, I never upscale to larger than FHD, I keep it limited to one instance and I’m not on a Mac, but I can even play newer games while processing and don’t lose performance in them.

Regarding pause and resume, you may be interested in my reply on that topic, if you haven’t already seen it, with a “solution” using the CLI:

But I totally agree that pause / resume should be made available directly in the app UI.



It might be because I have the max memory usage slider to 100% and even the activity monitor shows the entire M2 Max being used at 99%-100% the entire time, but I wasn’t able to load a lot of programs that I typically did, especially if they were GPU based instead of CPU based.

Okay thanks. That helps me understand. I did something not long ago that loaded my CPU all the way, and it made most everything unresponsive. TVAI does not do that on my system because even if I ran three instances, the HDD would become the bottleneck and leave the CPU free to do other things. I’m sure if I processed on an SSD I would have another outcome.