Poetry in motion …very pretty.


Nice style and effects with your edits.

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Nice. Reminds me of a curly smoke picture.

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Both are beautiful, very nice processing!

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Very creative and beautiful…I would love to know how you post processed them.

I used many presets in Topaz Studio, some mine some shared. I am not sure I would be able to reproduce these if I tried - I tend to go where the editing takes me :). However my usual process begins with removing the background by use of a colour adjustment layer. I then look in my presents to see what works with the image - where I want a painterly result, a sketchy one or something else - often I also look scroll through the preset in the conceptual category of presets in studio. Very ofter I will apply several and tweak them as I go. To finish these I used a preset I shared with the community called "curls and swirls). The bottom image also used ‘acid glow’ preset and I think I applied the “curls and swirls” preset a second time and blended with a multiply mode. I have a YouTube channel (Sharon Co) that show some videos of some images I have created.


Hi Sharon, do you have a video on using a color adjustment to remove the bkgd? If not can you explain it?
I’m wondering why you use a color adjustment layer to remove the bkgd. Thanks, john

Most of the videos on my YouTube channel involve the removal of background using this method. I know the Iris one and the kingfisher ones do.

Basically I

  • open a color overlay adjustment

  • increase opacity to 100%

  • open the mask for the layer

  • invert the mask (so it is black and I can see the original image)

  • using the brush tool, set to white, I mask out the background leaving the white background (or whatever colour you want the background) , and I can bring back bits that I want to get the mask as I want it

NOTE: I ften also use the “copy mask” feature for this color layer adjustment later on in my processing.

Have no idea really. Just a way that I feel a little in control of my masking.


Thank you Sharon for your thoughtful and detailed explanation of your worksflow. I will definitely look up your YouTube channel. I am certain I will learn much and perhaps be inspired/ignited to experiment with the processes you describe. Many thanks once again.

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THANK YOU Sharon!! This walk through is very helpful as a begin to wrap my head around Topaz Studio. Three questions:

  1. Presume you keep the blending mode at Normal…or do play with this as well?
  2. You mentioned in your earlier reply to me the “curls and swirls” preset. Where might I find that?
  3. I don’t have the steadiest of hands; so, brushing a mask, if the image is very detailed, I can find frustrating. Any thoughts or videos that I might be able to watch that could “teach” me good brush masking techniques?

Thanks Sharon for the info.

For brushing out the background the mode stays at normal … in the second image the second time I applied the “curls and swirls” preset I set the blending mode to lighten (I think)

You can do a search in left side panel … just type in “curl” and it should come up

not really … fortunately Studio does have edge aware in its masking so that helps … the good thing about masking is it is easy to recover anything you mask away that you didn’t want to. Topaz does have Remask which is specifically designed to mask … you might like to have a look at some of the videos that Topaz has put out showing the use of this program. eg.

I might have to have a look at some of the webinars again - they are quite inspiring.

Thanks once again Sharon for responding so clearly to my questions. I will find curls. I will have to watch some more tutorials on Re-Mask…I did not quite get it the first few times.