Lightroom Plugin - Images not updating back to lightroom

Hi there ! Can someone help me… I have the lightroom plugin installed and my image has no problem migrating to topaz but it doesn’t seem to come back and update to lightroom after I “Save” my image. Thanks

Please open the offending plugin as a standalone and then go to Help- Graphics info, press Copy and paste the info here.

Also make sure you are not dragging the image onto the plugin from Lightroom, you need to use Edit in.

how do I open that as a stand alone? (sorry!! )

Just like any other application by clicking on the icon that was installed.

ah ok. thanks for your help! Here is the info (it won’t let me upload an image so I am sharing a google doc link with the info : )

Just press the copy button and paste.

it doesnt let me copy and paste, there is nothing to select. I put in the google link the issue

I can see in the picture you posted a “Copy” button.

Can you tell me the steps you take when you process from Lightroom. By that i mean the actual commands from lightroom to the plugins, including details of the type of image and the method you transfer to the plugin.

Then the settingd you use in the plugin and the command in the plugin you use to return to LR.