Lightroom cannot read Studio's TIFF file format

Studio 1.5.3.
Lightroom CC (Classic) Ver 7.0.1 (latest as of today) cannot recognize TIFF files saved from Topaz Studio on imports.

Opening the Studio written files in Photoshop works fine, and re-saving them from PS, overwriting the TIFF file with no changes otherwise, “reconstructs” the TIFF format such that Lightroom suddenly recognizes the file as well on an new import.

But the initial Topaz Studio file cannot be imported/viewed in Lightroom.

From the June update to Studio I see the below fixes for TIFF issues, but I could not find any earlier reports of Lightroom incompatibility. The PS fix apparently did not test for Lightroom. :slight_smile:

TIFF files saved in TS cannot be opened or looks corrupted by PS
TIFF files saved from .NEF RAW file in TS cannot be opened in Nikon Software

Please provide your OS etc., and raise a Technical Support request at the link above.

Windows 10…

Support Request ID 132916.

One thing I forgot to mention is that you should always use TIFF without any file compression as the compression algorithms may be different.

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Well… TIFF compression could be an issue, if this topic was on importing TIFF files INTO Studio.
Since maybe TS is not yet smart enough to read the various compression formats, a TIFF file from at least certain other software has to be saved uncompressed to be read by Topaz Studio.

But that is not the import direction in this case. This is the reverse. Files saved OUT from Studio that cannot be imported by Adobe Lightroom Classic. Similar to the Photoshop issue fixed in June’s update version, I’d guess.

Since I haven’t found any options in Studio to actually choose whether to save it’s TIFF files with compression or not (no save options at all), I’d guess that is not an issue here.

I guess I like to keep things simple, although I only have Lightroom 6 I have never had and problems with TIFF with no compression. Compression is a specified standard but various applications, especially those by Adobe, may save their own improvements to compression as layered tiffs are not standard either.

Note that files saved out of LR to Studio are overwritten by Studio on the way back.

The Studio options dialog to save a TIFF offers the following …

I have been testing this again, and suddenly cannot reproduce this?

I still have a TIFF file written by Studio, that cannot be imported (the others I fixed by re-saving them) from Photoshop, but now suddenly, all TIFF’s saved from Studio imports just fine in Lightroom. Hmm…

BTW… I now tested all of uncompressed, plus Lempel-Ziw-Welch (LZW) and ZIP compressions.
All types import fine into Lightroom.

Since compressed formats can save a significant amount of space (and are loss-less), that is useful.

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