Life in the Wasteland

Just thought I would do a special from a walk in the wastelands today … :wink:


Don, may I ask what the Wasteland is please? And where in Thailand?

This is an interesting image and processing.

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Really like the contrast of the stark trees and the warm color of then water …

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Not in Thailand in the Bondall wetlands, Australia.

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Love the strip of color. It makes the image.

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Ah, now I know. The Boondall Wetlands. I would never have recognised it. Great transformation.

It’s not a transformation… just a high contrast B&W …

Well, it is very nice…

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Striking image and I am most grateful to see the original and your resultant work. Helps me to understand appreciate your artistry and the power of Topaz Studio. Thank you!

Why thank you for your kind comments, they are appreciated.

The Wasteland looks magical.

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