License Key for Topaz Texture Effects

Just purchased the new Texture Effects 2 … but can’t find the License Key to change from the trial version to the purchased version. Thanks for help.

Please submit a Customer Service Request at this link:

This is a user to user forum and there is no access to your account for anyone on this forum.

If you go to the Topaz Labs site and call up your account, your purchase should be recorded, along with the License Key number for it. If it is not listed than a support request would be needed.


Thanks so much for the help, Elelanore. Appreciate it. I did check my account and did submit a ticket. I’d just like to start using the program :slight_smile:

Then why is it that when I go to the help page it says ‘can’t find what you need here?’ and offers me two links one of which leads here?

There are two separate sites…the Topaz Labs site and the Topaz Labs Studio site…where you would find your purchase would be in the link: account. If you are logged in, you should see your account page which would be similar to this with your purchases.

Your purchase wasn’t listed when you logged in and checked your account? The Ticket Action drop down on the top of your page gives you the Create a Ticket option. In the meantime, since you want to use it, if you haven’t already exhausted a 30 day trial, you can use your downloaded file as a trial and input the license # when you get it. I do not know how they will follow up… by email or just bringing your account information up-to-date so keep an eye on your account information. There might just be a delay in posting. The plug-in you purchased, Texture Effects 2, is still in the original Topaz Labs site…so that is where you need to be. I know this transitioning might be a bit confusing but it will get straightened out.

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Thank-you again, Eleanore.

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You purchased the Topaz Studio Texture Adjustment Pro - not Texture Effects. Your Topaz Studio Texture Adjustment Pro order can be found here:

Your list of owned Pro Adjustments for Studio can be found here:

It will look like this (I’ve highlighted the Texture item):

Hi Joe,
Clearly I’m confused, then. I don’t know the difference between effects and adjustments? Do I need a user license for adjustments? And how do I get rid of the trial sign-in for Texture Effects which I won’t be purchasing at this point since I purchased adjustments…

Thank you for you help and apologies for my confusion.

You can uninstall with the guidance here:

If you are using Texture Effects 2, that product is a standalone application that can also be used as a Photoshop plugin or Lightroom External Editor.

The Topaz Studio Texture Adjustment, which you purchased, is an Adjustment type available within Topaz Studio. Topaz Studio is a standalone application, as well as a Photoshop plugin or Lightroom External Editor.

Check this page out, for more information on the Texture Adjustment you purchased:

Thank-you. Studio appears to be in good shape now. - Barb

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