Let's hope the updates are worthwhile

I for one hope that within the "free’ year of updates that Topaz Studio 2 becomes a workable product that will include the ability to add an image layer, include a cloning tool and maybe be able to do so perspective fixing … I do hope the “road map” tasks get done as promised and within our now limited time span.


If you send me a DM I’ll let you in on a great solution I use for perspective adjustment.

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I hope so, too, but in the last year there has been more changes of direction than a fiddler’s elbow. I expect to see a Topaz 3 with all the bits they cannot resolve cut out of it.


As long as a normal procedure with just a jpg of 6000px X 4000px that is processed with:
DeNoise AI > Sharpen AI > Adjust AI

Takes 177 seconds on my iMac i5 3.7 6-cores 64Gb internal memory and a AMD Radion Pro 580X 8Gb

and takes

120 seconds on my Windows 10 i7 3.2 8700 6-cores 16Gb internal memory Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 (Ti) with what ever adjustment I make in the preferences.

To get very mixed results.

And then I don’t even want to talk about using a TIF to process!

I have my doubts that any professional that has to process series of images is able to use the AI plugins at the moment. So the AI series need revolutionary reprogramming!

I also have my doubts that Topaz is being able to solve this in a short period of time, because the whole concept doesn’t seem to work in a reasonable time for each image and it didn’t get any better during the last 2 years.

You probably need a hybrid plugin based on the old plugins mixed with AI.

I rather see the old Adjust with “AI mode” added to it!

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I use Topaz Studio 2 as a plugin for CS6E, with a few Pro Filters, and to launch some of the AI software. It does what I need it to do. Unless Studio 3 is so fantastic, I will want to smoke a cigg after using it, I’ll probably give it a miss.