Let Me Introduce Myself

My first interest in photography was a few years ago when I took pictures
and actually had my own darkroom for developing. That was a lot of work
but was so much fun.

Then a few years ago the concept of printing photos on canvas came along.
I thought that it was a great idea but why just have an ordinary photo printed?
Then I thought if you were to have a plain photo on canvas why not have it look like
an original painting? Great concept and a good idea, right?

I began my search for a software program that would help me use my original
photo and give it a painterly effect. This is when I found Topaz Labs.
I was intrigued and downloaded Topaz Simplify and created
some nice photos, however it still was not exactly what I was looking for.
Then there was Topaz Adjust which I created some real nice photos that generated
some real excitement.

I still had the need for better filters then “BOOM”, Topaz
did it again with Topaz Impression. Happy, happy I am with this great program.

I have been creating some awesome photos as works of art on canvas.

Thank you Topaz Labs for unlocking my creative artwork possible.


Welcome and I hope to see some of your images soon.

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Welcome to the forum …looking forward to your participation with us.

Welcome. I’d love to see some of your work.

Welcome to the forum! It was very nice to introduce yourself. Some of the members had dine that before, but those posts are gone now :no_mouth:

I think that you will find a lot of the Topaz products very fun and Inspiring. (You might like Clean or Glow or …)

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Ditto for most of what you were trying to achieve, js

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