Legacy Preset Adjust 4: Sketch - Color

In Topaz Adjust 4, I really liked the preset Sketch - Color and I’d like to recreate it in Studio 2 or in Adjust AI. The settings in Adjust 4 were as follows:


Adaptive Exposure
Adaptive Exposure – 0.60
Regions – 24
Contrast – -2.19
Brightness – 2.17
Protect Highlights – 0.00
Protect Shadows – 0.01

Strength – 2.79
Detail Boost – 0.71
Threshold – 0.24
Radius – 10.34
Sharpen – 2.70

Process Details Independently checkbox: unchecked

Adaptive Saturation – 0.59
Color Regions – 11
Saturation – 3.53
Saturation Boost – 3.72
Hue – 0.00

Suppression – 0.64
Amount – 0.77
Use Topaz Denoise checkbox: unchecked

QUESTION: can anyone tell me how to import or recreate this preset in Studio 2 or Adjust AI?

I don’t believe that there is anything like Adaptive Exposure available in the newer tools.

Do you have an example image of what you’re trying to end up with?

Hi Andy, Sorry for the late response - as I switched systems I had to revive a virtually dead (and very slow) PC to run the program :-(. Good thing is I managed and so I am able to attach the result of processing an unsplash original with the Adjust 4 Sketch-Color preset.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/dUtizJyby4E
Result: attached

Of course, as is often the case with filters, it’s very much a trial-and-error process to see what exactly the preset will turn up with on a given photo, but this gives a good general idea of the effect I’m looking for.

Thanks for any help!

Playing around with the controls (not the presets) in Adjust AI I can get something similar using the AI Off setting (not Standard or HDR modes).

I could never find a path to getting the same fluorescent green background, and the finish was never as smooth looking, but the girl looked pretty similar.

No better luck with TS2.

Could you share the controls you used? Eager to see what results I would get. Thanks!