Legacy plugins still work with Photoshop 2020?

Can anyone confirm whether the old “legacy” plugins for Impression (v2.0.5) and Glow (v2.0.1) still function in Photoshop 2020? I’d also be interested hearing whether the Adjust and Simplfy plugins still work if anyone has happened to try those with the most recent PS.

I understand that these plugins are no longer supported. For the time being, however, I’m bound to them as no version of Studio 1 has ever been able to run on my system and I’m right at the bare minimum requirements for Studio 2 and don’t really wish to try it.


Hi Billdude29,
Impression, Glow, Adjust, and Simplify all work with the latest version of Photoshop CC. I just tested all four of them to make certain.

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Great news. Thank you so much for trying them out Terry!

I finally got myself in a position where I was comfortable doing the PS update to CC 2020 and then realized I wasn’t sure about my Topaz plugins. The only thing I ever saw mention of dying with CC 2020 was the old Google-era Nik collection. I was still concerned that whatever issues were present in those may have also been present in the Topaz plugins.

This is just a note to add my own confirmation. The Impression and Glow plugins seem to be working fine in my freshly installed PC CC 2020. I ran out of time before I got a chance to try Adjust and Simplify but I’m sure they’ll be fine as well like Terry already mentioned.

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Do you mean these won’t run at all or they just didn’t automatically port over into the Filters menu when updating to Ps 2020?

I use the Nik software every day and I’d be lost if I lost them (from a photo processing perspective). DxO is charging an exorbitant amt just for updates (it’s obnoxious since they’re really adding no value) and I had bought all the original Nik products (for hundreds of dollars) from Nik (didn’t get them free from Google) + I paid for the 1st update DxO did since the filters were acting wonky in either Ps 2018 or 2019. I don’t wanna give DxO any more $$$.

Now I’m concerned…

Lucky me, I have to do an upgrade to Win 10 (from 7) as well as pray and hope for the best going from Ps CC 2019 to 2020…

I know it’s not a Topaz issue, but did anyone else who tested the Topaz porting from Ps CC 2019 to 2020 also make sure their Nik filters (not the latest gen from DxO but previous gens) were operational?

Unfortunately, I believe the Google-era Nik plugins just quit working entirely with PS CC 2020. I saw it mentioned in at least two different places for the first couple of weeks after 2020 was released. I quit following the news about this after that timeframe so it’s possible a workaround may have been discovered in the meantime. I haven’t made an attempt to try them myself though since I just pulled the trigger on CC 2020.

I’m in the same boat as you are having spent a fair amount with Nik themselves before Google acquired them. I can’t really blame DxO for charging everybody for the product now regardless of whether you previously paid for it. It seems likely that the sales records from Nik were either never transferred to Google or Google discarded them after they decided to make the products free. It’s the fact that DxO charges significantly more for their Nik Collection “side project” than they do for their own home grown product that bothers me to the point of refusing to purchase.

Yes, me too. For same reasons.

I was really hoping there’d be a smooth transition for all the Topaz plugins (classic & newer) from Ps CC 2019 to 2020. Sounds like so far so good! Yay!!!

My Nik collection of plugins is working fine with PS CC 2020. I did have to copy them from the 2019 plugin folder and paste them into the 2020 plugin folder though. My version of Nik is an older one.

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Fotomaker I don’t use the NIK filters so I can’t promise that all of them will do what they are supposed to do with CC2020, because I don’t know what all of them are supposed to do. They are in my filter collection and I tested a couple of them just now, and they are performing as I think I would expect them too.

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Thx for checking, Terry! That helps to know.

Once I wrap up a big photo project I’m doing I’d like to back up my PC then do the upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10 before EoY 2019. Then will do the Ps 2020 update after that. To me that sequence seems best. Pray for me!!! Next time you ‘see’ me on here I may have gray hair (okay, more of them…).

I use almost all of the Nik products except the HDR one. And, rarely, I use their Analog Effects (which I typically apply a Ps blend mode to on a layer to vs using “straight”). But I also like to work with their Selective Tool that allows me to brush on effects where I want them. That pops up as a box from the Automate menu vs from the Ps Filters list.

Thx again!