Latest version makes certain shadows very dark 2.3.1

I’ve noticed when upscaling images with people, sometimes shadows get really dark and it’s very noticable when you move the comparison slider

Would you mind sharing some screenshots of this issue you are having? If you can include examples of the settings you have set in your Right Panel options that might give us a better understanding of what might be happening.

Looking closer, it looks like there’s a square adding saturation or something. I can’t post the whole picture for privacy reasons. The settings are run on “auto” and I haven’t changed anything

Are you using the applicaiton as a standalone app or as a plugin?

Also what type of file are you working with? This might give us a better understanding of how to troubleshoot this.

The standalone desktop app. They’re all JPEGs

That looks like the boundary for the applied face recovery. Reducing the strength might give you a better blend (also try the image without it enabled).

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