Latest Update

The new update takes too much control away from the way I like to edit my images. I wish there was a way to change it back to the previous version.
I am no opposed to new things if they are improvements, but editing with the latest update takes longer than it did with the original version. I will seriously have to consider whether I want to keep my subscription or look for an alternative.

Here you find the older versions: Releases - Topaz Community

My Wish List:

  1. When doing Face Recovery, needs to be larger area. Face looks good and hair that falls into the selected area, but the rest of the hair is soft and look awful.
  2. Need ability to set up presets so that it does all the same levels of each area. I have to reset every time to what I want. As a result it has taken as much as 7 minutes to do one image.
  3. Once we have presets, bulk processing would be awesome. I have something like 400+ images I want to run through Photo AI but at 7 minutes each it’s insane. Need to be able to let it do it’s thing and walk away for a while.
  4. I’m getting a blur around the subject that I have needed to clean up. What is causing that? Also things like hands are getting distorted.