Latest update totally broke the product Topaz Photo AI 1.0.9

After running the upgrade, I can no longer process any images. I get the error: “Error could not run model.” (26.0 KB)

Image has failure messages.
Zip file has my current PC configuration. Summary:
Running Windows 10
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X 32-Core Processor
2x Nvidia 2080 Super GPUs
128 GB RAM
Many TB of disk.

I can no longer process any images.

If you were to leave a link to prior versions, at least I would be able to download the previous version and still run.

I also tried a repair reinstall, and I did an uninstall, followed by an install.
Neither of those two attempts helped

Attached are two images that lead to failure.
I can edit them with other photo software and view them with other image apps.

There is a work-around:
It has something to do with the GPU interface.
When I switched to use the CPU only, I can run the task.