Lapakahi Hale

When we first moved to Hawaii, we lived in North Kohala which is about 20 miles from the Lapakahi State Historical Park. Lapakahi, or lapa kahi, which means “single ridge” is an ancient 600 year old fishing village. Without question the village is remote and desolate. Some people say you have to drive through nowhere to get there. Located along the shoreline it is nestled on an ancient lava flow in and amongst rocks. Rocks are everywhere. And it’s dry and hot. Did I mention it is desolate?

So one hot sunny afternoon, I set up my trusty tripod to photograph one of the few remaining shelters or “hales”. I was the only one in the park and happy to have the place to myself.

Well aware of the heat and the wind and a strange sense of wondering what went on here 600 years ago, I was able to take my time clicking off a few frames. I decided to move the tripod slightly and stepped on a rock, loosing my balance, went over backwards and landed in a heap of rocks and dust. As I picked myself up I had a “vision” of a group of ancient villagers, sitting on the rocks in front of the shelter laughing their butts off. As I picked myself up, I said out loud, laughing with them, “Yeah that was pretty funny!”

Every time I look at this photo I can see those guys laughing at me.


Super image and I enjoyed the story.

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I too enjoyed the story and the image looks great in B&W.