Kinda pink

This winter the mountains hide for the most part behind fog. I created this multi-row panorama some winters ago and re-created it today with Panorama Studio Pro. Then Topaz Denoise AI.


I am checking out the web info on Panorama Studio now. Are there specific features that you find useful over other panorama software such as MS ICE or Hugin? I notice the Pro version has support for multi-row which I gather was useful to you for putting together this shot (over the non-Pro version which costs half as much).

Hi JLG, honestly I have not checked Hugin etc. I have owned the Panorama Studio Pro license since about 15 years. I remember that I read about it in a blog and yes, the multirow capability was the deciding point to purchase a license.
I never had a problem with the software. You can save a panorama as jpg or tif but also as a project file which enables you to rework a panorama if needed.
But Hugin might be an alternative. You can download a trial of Panorama studio and compare it with Hugin and others
Cheers Peter

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