Just not working these days

I’m finding the program doesn’t do much for photos shot with the latest cameras and good lenses
I have however, hundreds of thousands of images shot with cameras like:
Fuji s7000z
Fuji s100fs
Olympus TG-830
Nikon D7000, D7100, D7200
and various cell phones
When Adobe or Topaz release new updates, I enjoy going back into old photos to see what I can improve.
Of late, I am simply wasting my time with Photo Ai because even at the Autopilot settings, the program is introducing artifacts and halos that have to be dealt with afterward. Often the images from those old cameras are sharp enough that little or no sharpening is auto applied. Some do get noise reduction but I’m finding that looks like it was brush applied to some areas while other areas with similar noise are completely ignored.
It’s frustrating because a few releases ago it was better.
Currently I’m finding it much easier to just edit them in Lightroom where I can batch apply presets then slightly touch up from there. The underlying image is always still there and can be restored.
WIth Photo Ai I’m simply finding the ‘hidden processing’ over which there is no control, is simply killing the images now.
The program really can’t improve images from my Samsung s23Ultra, whereas LR can, with so much selectable control. I guess what’s happened is LR has been improving fairly dramatically and while Topaz Photo Ai is being ‘tweaked’ more and more, those tweaks are resulting in less satisfactory results.
Are others experiencing this and does anyone know if the development team is working to correct these issues?