Just bought a laptop with an Nvidia 940MX GPU but

Recently bought a laptop with an HP Pavilion Core i5 with 8 Gigs RAM and with an Nvidia 940MX GPU (4 gig RAM) in the hopes that it would be a photo-editing workstation for me but…

  • Impressions 2 still gives me black screens in Photoshop CC 17
  • Topaz Studio still hangs and cause my machine to lock up

Sigh! I hope the non-studio apps will still be available for a long time, 'cos it doesn’t look like will be able to do too much with Studio. Just waiting to download and try the latest Nvidia driver but I don’t have too much hope of success.

Can you type dxdiag in the search box, run the application and save the output as a text file before uploading here.

I suspect you have dual GPU’s and you need to select the NVIDIA to be used.

Quite right! I have dual GPU’s. But I already used the Nvidia tool to specify that Topaz Studio must run with the Nvidia GPU. Is there further action I could take? (I have attached the DxDiag output text file.DxDiag.txt (94.1 KB)

From the report you have the latest driver installed (385.69) so it shouldn’t be a problem if you are using the NVIDIA GPU for processing.

I see though that you are using it via Photoshop CC so you will need to specify that CC uses the NVIDIA GPU otherwise it will use the Intel and any processes run from PS CC will use it also.

In my case I have a Intel 4600/NVIDIA GT745M (4GB) but if CS6 uses the Intel GPU Impression will grind to a halt.

Thanks Don. I have set Photoshop CC to use the Nvidia, but without improvement. It seems Photoshop doesn’t like my Nvidia 940MX very much either. Sigh! Hopefully a driver update will fix the issues one of these days.

Look at your preference settings within Photoshop and make sure that the ‘Use graphics processor’ box is ticked, and i would suggest that an external hard drive would enable your computer physical drives not to be used as a scratch disk. If things are crashing then it is space and Photoshop requires a lot. An external hard drive can take this pressure from the internal drives and frees up some wriggle room.

The other thing that would probably be useful is that at the moment there is a glitch with Photoshop’s temporary files and instead of being saved on a scratch drive they are being stored on the C: drive under C:/Users/ [name]/App.Data/Local/ temp files. These can take up several gigabytes of space and may well compromise the speed and efficiency of your C: drive. They can be safely removed but it has to be done by you - Photoshops own system has not organised the deletion of them due to an oversight by the software folk.

Thanks AngieD! I look into that.