Just as in my dreams

The right level of Simplify made it look just as fuzzy as in my dreams. :slight_smile:

I have visions of sitting at that little cabin porch on a summer day with a cool drink, no cell-service, no computers, no one able to find me. Just enjoying the solitude and staring at the view down the valley. :slight_smile:

A little too cool on the day I mozzied up to take the original photo, though. At 12,000+ ft the snow-melt and air was ripe for wearing big-boy pants and a long-sleeve shirt.


Nicely done โ€ฆ

Thatโ€™s quite a gorgeous viewโ€ฆ love the image what you did with your edits, beautifully done.

Tranquil and beautiful โ€ฆ