Just a question about models and also offline use

Hi, I only use some of the models and not all of them. Those that I use I have downloaded using the model manager. Seems to work fine as they only now ever load locally.

I am just concerned what will happen if any of the particular models I use are updated since I likely would prefer not to use the updates given I have invested so much time in making the existing models work perfectly for me (I understand why people would love new updated models though). Each model has its idiosyncrasies and I do not think that just because an update comes around that the new one will be free of them - so I would rather stick with what I have learned to “tune” - at least for my current very large project where I want consistent results over the next 12 months.

So what will become of the “old” models if, say Proteus and Aion are updated? Will I still be able to use the version I am familiar with by allowing Topaz to use the older models and if so how do I know what they are (since presumably the names would need to change to distinguish them from the new ones)?

Also, I was just curious to see what happened today when I turned off the wifi connection so that I was offline. Topaz worked fine given I had my models already downloaded but can Topaz work offline indefinitely once activated or otherwise how long till it needs to contact the Topaz servers again?


usually when models have a change / update, they get a version jump as well. You can still use the previous version of the model even if there is a newer version out.


But, with program update (e.g. v4.10 → 4.20) the automatic estimation (what values to use in Auto mode) could change even on the same old model.
That means that if you are using Auto mode or Relative to Auto mode, your results might come out different then previous version of the program.
That should not (in theory) effect your results if you are using Manual mode though.

At least that is what I noticed. but maybe it is better if Topaz Engineer could answer your questions to be 100% sure.

If you want to maximize your results stability, I would suggest you do a backup of your current working modules and keep a copy of your current happy to use Video AI installer (version). Just in case things are screwed up on the next update and you have no way of rolling back.

Backup both your actual Modules (the “.tz” files) and the “.json” files under C:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video AI\models

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What Akila suggested above is a good practice to ensure that you have a copy readily available for a back up in case you need it and make sure you turn on the previous models option to have access to all of the older models.

In regards to the wifi connection, the auth file that is created when you login to the app is stored and keeps the app working in the fully licensed mode for awhile, however it will expire after 90 days. Once that happens a user will just need to log back in to create a new auth file.

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Thank you very much both of you for the replies.