Jpeg2raw - not retaining original "Date Taken Date"

I’ve just recently started using jpeg2raw and it does not seem to retain, or have the option to retain, the original date taken of the image. Nor does it retain any other dates of the original image such as date created or date modified although they are not as important to me but would be good if they still did, or had the option to do so.

Gigapixel AI seems to retain the date created date and i think the date created date.

Can anyone advise.

I am not sure what you are seeing but here is the JPEG to RAW maintaining the EXIF:


DNG Out:

TIF Out:

Maybe you can raise a support request at the main website and attach the original file.

I checked again and it has saved the correct date. I must have been looking at the Date Created or Date Modified column by mistake! Thanks for your response.

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