JPEG TO RAW update?

Is there a timescale in mind as to when jpeg to raw will be updated to run on Big Sur?

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Shall I take the lack of any answer as a ‘no’ then?

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Obviously not a priority. Unfortunate for those of us who had reasons to proceed with an update to Big Sur for Mac.

Hopefully, this update will happen soon.


Ah. This explains why I can’t get it to launch. Your other recent updates (specifically SharpenAI, DenoiseAI) have been excellent, the Compare view is a big win.

I need JPEG to RAW (recently purchased) to work too, and it would be nice to be able to quickly find out what the problem with it is and what the plan is.

Yes, just downloaded JPEG to RAW and disappointed that I can’t use it on the main machine as it runs Big Sur. Hope this situation is fixed soon, can’t have the software icon just as an ornament waiting for action!

It particularly sucks that we’re now quickly approaching the release of the next macOS after Big Sur, all of the other Topaz products have been updated except this one, and if you paid for this software and are on Big Sur (which most Mac users are at this point), then you’re just SOL right now. Expecting users to stay on an older OS because you can’t be bothered to update your software for compatibility isn’t the right course of action on Topaz’s part.

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