JPEG to RAW Update?


Wiil be any new version for JPEG to RAW? New look new and better solve for jpeg to Raw.

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Topaz never pre-announce any product updates or releases. So there is no information as to if or when a new version will appear.

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I hope it will be. Because The others software from Topaz get very good improvement

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Coming up on 2 years since last update - maybe JPEG to RAW has silently moved to the Legacy category?

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Does not open on Mac since Big Sur. Please update!


I think JPG2RAW is superfluous. Someone did a YouTube video on this the other day. You can do the same thing on Gigipixel AI and possibly one or two other current products. Check out the video to find out more.

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I already had BigSur. This was not a case of “refrain from upgrading to BigSur”. Nope, I HAVE it already. Because. Well. Computers have it now. (yeah, I’ve seen that post to refrain from upgrading… now… after I bought it).

And you know what, The system requirements article wouldn’t load on the JPEG to RAW page.
Took a chance since the other apps were working on bigSur, and Topaz has a reputation for quality.

JPEG to RAW does not load at all for me!
It sits in the dock, spinney ball when I go up to the menu. No windows.

I’ve seen people complaining JPEG to RAW doesn’t work for over 1/2 a year now, and BigSur is fairly old by computer standards by now. So… kinda not cool, and this deserves a comment or two from Topaz, wouldn’t we all think?

Opened support ticket. But feels like a refund is on my horizon. Especially if the other apps handle this!

Also, the installer is really janky looking compared to the others, installs in a different location in Applications/, just feels unloved and not maintained. And the diskimage for the installer wouldn’t eject, says finder still has a handle to something (reboot took care of that).

Something is off about this one. So many bugs, including on the webpage, the installer, and finally when opening it. It’s all off.

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