JPEG to RAW Streaky Vertical Artifacts

Hi all. I’m having issues with JPEG to RAW and I’m surprised that I’m not seeing any mention of the issue here. I’ve been experiencing this since at least July.

Many of my DNG files produced by JPEG to RAW AI have vertical, streaky lines of red and blue. And while I appreciate the improved contrast, color, and reduction of JPEG artifacts, the new artifacts that are being introduced ruin the images and make them pretty much unusable.

Most of the other AI apps have had several updates, but JPEG to RAW continues to be ignored (abandoned?).

Posting an example here but I have dozens more.

Cropped example

How widespread is this issue? Are any of you struggling with it? I can run it through DeNoise AI to reduce some of it but there’s always still telltale streaking even if the red/blue colors are less noticeable.

Please raise a support request at the Topaz Labs website

@iSynic I can see the streaks I the sky in the cropped version. Running it through Denoise AI with a remove noise setting of 0.50 effectively removed them. Extra step but its a work around.

Thanks, Artisan-West.

You’re right, you can remove the bulk of them with Denoise AI. Unfortunately these streaks also happen in darker spots, or are more prevalent in other photos. So Denoising helps, but there are still vertical streaks in the image that are noticeable or require too much denoising to remove (compromising the rest of the image quality).

It’s an acknowledged issue. Hopefully we’ll have an update sooner than later.

JPEG to RAW is the most frustrating Topaz products. I rarely use it now because its introduce too much artifacts like banding, chroma noise, red edges etc.
and it seems like an abandonned product with no model update for now 9 months trying to fix these issues.
It should also have a simple DeJpeg function. We don’t necessary want to edit a jpeg image and just want to remove the jpeg artifacts and recover details. 16 bits outputs takes a lot of disk space and Prophoto RGB ICC is over the top in most usages and cannot be displayed outside of pro edit softwares without any hardware that can cover a so large gamut anyway. Studio 2 can not even display properly a DNG file created by Jpeg to raw !
So we should also have the ability to save the output as an 8 bit image with keeping the same ICC profile as the input on a PNG or compressed TIFF. This would save a lot of time.

JPEG to RAW, as its name implies, only outputs either DNG or TIF. from a JPEG input. The purpose of the application is to to convert JPEG to high-quality RAW for better editing. Prevent banding, remove compression artifacts, recover detail, and enhance dynamic range.

Should you wish to remove noise or artifacts and output to another format use the DeNoise AI application. That will give 8/16bit, DNG, TIF, PNG or JPEG.

Also had the same problem in Windows with Jpeg to RAW AI stable build. Solved it by complete uninstall with third party uninstaller, after that installed new, beta version. Now converting performs faster and without that kind of issue.
I would like to report crashing issue with few very old original(not retouched) photos from samsung d60 camera…But, when I reconvert with adobe bridge jpg to jpg, conversion to raw not crashing…

I just got into the beta group so I’m going to be trying this now. Thanks very much for your reply.

Hi All,
I also had the same issue. I see it’s necessary to be a beta-tester to check the beta version?

There is no current JPEG to RAW AI beta.