JPEG to RAW AI - Large shift

I am using the trial version to evaluate the product. When I convert from JPEG to RAW, there seems to be a huge color, tone, and saturation shift. There are also strange red lines on edges to the portrait’s faces. ? It happens consistently. Is this normal

I was using the program last night and didn’t have this problem, now today using the program again, all my jpeg to raw (.tiff/.tif/.dno) files suddenly have a massive color, tone, and saturation shift. I was planning to purchase the whole works at Gigapixel but reconsidering.

Exactly what’s happening in JPEG to RAW AI for me7

Can you go explain what you are actually converting:

  • screen shot would be good,
  • then the parameters you ate using for saving the file
  • then the application you are trying to view the output in

It sounds like you are using ProPhotoRGB as the output profile and viewing in a viewer that is not color managed,

My thoughts as well, however when I open the photo in any program the shift still occurs,
such as for example: Cyberlink Powerdirector.

Note: For some reason when I tried to upload photos directly into this forum-post,
the website told me a message that I cannot upload photos.
I’ve used instead for uploading these images.

Here’s a test run of a random photo from google images:
(1) Initial Photo:

(2) JPEG to RAW AI - Program Preview (Note: Everything appears fine)

Oddly enough, when I save as a JPEG for uploading purposes the image normalizes to the color/tone/saturation it’s supposed to be (using standard windows photo viewer). And re-saving as .png also normalizes the photo, however a 16-bit .bmp and .gif does not.

(3) JPEG to RAW AI - Result (Note: color/tone/saturation shift)

Here’s a second run with the same results:

(random image from google images)
(1) Initial Photo

(2) JPEG to RAW AI - Program Preview (Note: Everything appears fine)

(3) JPEG to RAW AI - Result (Note: color/tone/saturation shift)

Saving in JPEG corrects the color shifts as well as 16-bit .bmp and .png,
however .gif preserves these .tif/.tiff results. The only other option within JPEG to RAW AI is to convert to .dng that’s a thumbnail size.

It looks Like your browser isn’t color managed or imgur just assigns srgb to the upload.

As for cyberlink powerdirector i am not aware of it allowing a different icc profile for output.

Please upload one of your output images you believe is causing a problem to s file sharing site and either post the link here or PM me and I’ll check it for you.

Alright AiDon,

(1) Original Image

(2) Program Preview

(3) JPEG to RAW Ai Result

Is there a recommended photo viewer to use to avoid these issues with color management?

I’m using Chrome Browser and Windows Photo Viewer w/ RTX 2080 Ti and Windows10-Pro fully updated,
however this is now happening with my other programs to view photos including paint. I don’t have Photoshop so haven’t tested much.

It’s odd because I could have sworn this wasn’t happening just last night while using the same programs. Also kind of strange as using DeNoise Ai to convert to .tiff preserves the color/tone/saturation and only JPEG to RAW ai .tiff causes this effect

I just opened it (TIF) in Affinity Photo:

My best advice is that you use sRGB as the output because Photo & Photo Viewer aren’t color managed, and paint I am not sure. For a free application there I would recommend GIMP.

Note that this is the original in Chrome:

There are other apps like xnView and Fastone Image Viewer … or, the best to use as it is also free, is Adobe Bridge.

20200315_153904_015a 20200315_153904_015a-edit%20(2)

The top is the original. Notice the color shift and the weird artifacts in and around the eyes in the bottom (…edit(2))

Please set the preferences to CPU mode:


And then output to TIF, remember to open the result in a color managed application like PS or Affinity Photo etc., if you use ProPhotoRGB as the Profile, to get a proper representation of the color.

20200314_142013_031a 20200314_142013_031a-edit

The same with most photos