Jerking motion in Progressive videos?

I am getting a quick ‘jerking’ in finished videos (the originals are fine) when panning left to right (or right to left) - like a frames skipping issue or something like that. I haven’t seen anything posted like this so possibly it’s just something on my end.

Have used VEAI for a while now on different videos etc. but this is the first time I came across this issue, though possibly I did before but with interlaced footage and not progressive such as these. This is also the first time I have used it since the newer 2.6.3 version.


Both videos are 23.976 Prog. and MediaInfo shows them as Constant frame-rate, both videos ‘should’ be relatively clean (they weren’t encoded by a dozen different process’ AFAIK) actually they also have in common that they were originally from ITunes Japan but I’m not sure that should make a difference.

Other than that I noticed that they are odd resolutions not the normal 720x480\576 - 1280x720 etc. so I’m not sure if that is the issue?

Video 1 is 708x362 and I used Artemis Med. to go to 1080 (Format MP4 - CRF 17 - Grain & Crop Off) I kept the audio for this one.

Video 2 was 1908x792 and I used Gaia HQ (and CG) to go to 1080 (Format MP4 - CRF 17 - Grain & Crop Off) I did not keep the audio for this one.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or if anyone else has experienced this.

I know what you’re talking about. I’ve experienced it myself.
My “original” files were from MakeMKV, but there might be other sources that get affected too.
I think there is a known issue with VEAI not getting the correct FPS parameters from certain programs or something like that, causing frame skipping on final output.
The only way I’ve been able to fix this is to run it through handbrake first (with a super low CRF so compression doesn’t hurt the quality) THEN give it to VEAI and Upscale/do whatever…
After doing that, I have no frame skipping on panning shots, just buttery smooth like the original…
Hope this helps.

Ok, thank you so much for that. Now that you mention it I think I did have that happen to me before but that was with a video that was variable frame-rate, and I did the same thing as you did; ran it through Handbrake and ensured it was set to constant frame-rate.

Oddly though that was the first thing I checked with these and they both show as constant frame-rates so I wasn’t sure why it had an issue with them.

Never the less, seems like a good idea anyway to run them through Handbrake and see if that changes things.


In case anyone else ends up finding this thread…

I did as ‘iamtyler93’ suggested and ran one of the videos through Handbrake first (though I would expect you could send it through other encoders as well?) and then sent it through VE and the result is no motion jerking\frame skipping through the same scenes - all good.

Not sure what was wrong with the video that VE didn’t like? I’m not sure of how it was encoded originally (these were .mp4 so MakeMKV was not an issue this time) but whatever was done to it there was something VE didn’t like about it.