I've lost my beta tester designation

How do I get it back?

I’ve lost mine as well and would like it reinstated.

Count me in also.

I did make some comment to @JoeFedric-TL some time ago who quite rightly wrote of the time needed to re-instate a very poorly website and steps involved to put “labels” and persons back together

Everyone - see my response to Terry here:

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It’s the only badge I had held that I felt was meaningful. Others will be picked up in due time. It seems that people I’ve never seen or heard of come out of the woodwork when it comes to beta testing time so the list is broader than seen… but it would be nice if those who frequent the discussion group all the time could get it back as you have.

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I know everyone is anxious to be restored. However, as admin of this forum (the person in charge of it top to bottom), I can ensure you that everything will be restored in due time. Some people have already been restored, yes. This is not because we’re ready, it was mostly done because I was already working on that person’s profile, and it was convenient. There are around 200 active beta testers. I’ll be adding that list of users back to the group when it is time to do so. Most beta testers will be added during that bulk process.

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My login was lost also. Pls add me back in, Joe! Unfortunately, I missed out on Studio while the system was down… :cold_sweat:

The beta ended before the forums went down :smiley:

Yes … but …
We had the “labels” including “beta tester” and competition winning and stuff before the last beta. The labels did not magically disappear after the previous beta and then wondrously re-appear when the Studio beta started.

Terry, I believe Joe was responding to Fotomaker’s comment about missing the TS beta and not the labels.

AH - Es tut mir Leid


Hi Terry,

Long time no see. :grin:

yes it is — must correspond by e-mail soon!!!