Issues with v3.1.5

As of ver 3.15, there are still some major issues for me. All of these are pretty important imo!

specs: Windows 10, GTX 1080 Ti, i7-10700k
mostly using: AMQ13 or Prob3 to H.264, +trimming

  1. Trimming (IMPORTANT):
    It appears the only way to trim is to drag the start/end points with the mouse, whish is extremely inprecise. Going frame-by-frame with the left/right -arrow-keys only adjusts the view, but doesn’t adjust the trim.
    Honestly, this was SO MUCH BETTER in v2.6.4, where there were dedicated buttons for setting the left- and right-trim-bracket at the current viewed frame (so you’d first use left-/right-arrows to go to the exact frame and then you’d press the according “{”- or “}”-button to set the trimming-point there). Now those buttons are gone even though “Trimming” isn’t even on by default anymore and has it’s own dedicated workspace.

  2. Original vs Preview (DESYNC):
    When playing the original video and the preview side by side (or in any view), one of them is always a couple frames DELAYED, making it ugly and hard to make a clean comparison.

  3. Badly encoded H.264?
    Sometimes H.264-encoded videos are not able to play (or get meta-data) when HTML-embedded, even though they should be (I know H265 isn’t widely supported yet, but I’m really talking about H264). The strange thing is that sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

  4. Prevent Sleep:
    Haven’t tried it yet with the new version, but I guess this issue still exists, as I didn’t see a changelog about it:
    It would be nice if the program prevented going to sleep-mode, while processing…
    Additionally or alternatively at least add an option of what to do after processing (large) files (like: “After completion: shutdown”).

  5. SEEKING (slow):
    Seeking (via mouseclicks and/or arrow-buttons for frame-by-frame) in the video is often quite slow (whereas in every “normal” player this is instanteanous). And it’s even slower and sometimes won’t even work/update the frame at all (seems to be even worse in trimming-mode and EVEN worse AFTER applying trimming).

  6. Setting Mb/s:
    Setting the bitrate to a specific Mb/s feels like quite a cryptic thing for an average user, as this really depends on the output-resolution etc… Without knowing the default one for the given resolution, it’s impossible to guess the correct relative setting. I liked the “relative to default”-approach (i.e.: “Constant Rate Factor: default: 20”) settings in 2.6.4… would like to see something like it being implemented again (maybe a “relative to default” in % quality-option).

Yeah, original always seems 1 frame behind, which is indeed annoying.

Also, tried a full movie with Motion DeBlur the other day. Preview went haywire, after a while. You then pick a point on the timeline, it briefly shows it, then jumps back to the previous point. Or no longer seeks at all.

Hi there! The preview experience is currently lacking, we are working to resolve all preview-related issues. This is one of our top priorities.

We will also be working on the trim tool and many of your requests are already in process.

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