Issues with opening Topaz DNG with ACR

New to Topaz, using Photoshop CS6. I open a NEF file (Nikon raw) in a Topaz app, make adjustments, and save as a DNG file. The first time I open the DNG in PS, Adobe Camera Raw opens like it should. When I try to proceed on to Photoshop, the image may or may not open (usually not). In any case, I cannot open the DNG image in ACR after the 1st time. Topaz products open it fine.

If I right click on the DNG before opening in ACR the 1st time and click “Lock Item”, I can then open and work with the DNG file in ACR repeatedly. However, because the file is locked, EXIF data cannot be written to the DNG file, and a XMP file is generated, which sort of defeats the purpose of the DNG format.

I’m guessing that there is something in the EXIF data of a DNG file generated from Topaz that conflicts with ACR’s attempt to write to it, ultimately making the file unusable by PS. I have some successful work-arounds, but they add to the workflow.

Now my questions: Is this a problem only with CS6, which does not appear in CC? Or is it a simple setting somewhere? And, is there a way to fix this issue, short of upgrading to CC, or using one of my work-arounds?

Thanks so much for any help.

It is a Linear DNG not a copy of a RAW image from a camera so it can be processed with Camera RAW but cannot be updated. It’s not an issue with CS6 as I have it also … open in Camera RAW then process in PS.

Note also that CS6 is not officially supported.

Thanks for the quick response, AiDon. BTW - like your icon.

Your explanation makes sense, at least as much as my limited tech knowledge will allow. When I open from Bridge the first time, I can’t process in PS. But when I open it from the PS file menu, it seems to process in PS after ACR (first time only). Need to experiment more to verify, but that seems to be the case.

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