Issue with installing Topaz Studio on different drive to C

I have an issue with Topaz Studio. My C drive was filling up, so I uninstalled Topaz Studio from C and reinstalled on another SD drive. However this seems to of created issues. At first it did work when I launched as a plug-in from Paintshop Pro, however now it has stopped working and causing issues.

Every time I try to launch TS from PSP, it crashes the program. I attempted to uninstall TS, but got error.

Can you advise please?

  • I wish to uninstall TS completely and safely.

  • And is it actually possible to install TS on a different drive, or should it only be C?


Studio installs correctly on any other fixed drive … i.e. NOT on an external drive.

Ok. I’m not sure what has happened then. Because i’m definitely having issues. When I install on C drive, it is fine. But when I installed on my E drive which is an SSD, I am having issues.

I am definitely having issues with installing on E drive.Topaz Studio although installed on my E drive wont uninstall using programs and features. I just get ‘an error occured while trying to uninstall Topaz Studio, it may alrerady of been uninstalled’. So i’m not sure how to get it uninstalled.

Do you know anything about this? I need some help if anyone can??

Just go to E:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio … or wherever you put it and delete the whole directory then reinstall.

If you are comfortable editing the Registry delete the following key before reinstalling:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio

Ok, thanks for the reply. Is that safe to just delete the whole Topaz folder on my E drive. Won’t that cause more issues? I thought software has to actually be uninstalled, not just the folder deleted. And I don’t know anything about editing the registry.

Thanks very much for your advice, but i’m cautious about this sort of stuff.


Then raise a support request at the Studio link above as the install is supposed to remove the contents of the directory when you reinstall.

User Comment only…The Uninstall feature on the C drive only “sees” what is installed on the same drive so what is installed on the secondary drive is left behind. almost all of my programs are installed on my secondary drive “D” and have to be removed manually


You must be on Win 7/8.1 because Win 10 doesn’t have those issues.


I’m on Win 10. Giving it some more thought, the only programs on the D drive that I’ve had to remove manually recently have been Topaz Beta versions when the normal updating installer has been problematic.

Hello. Thanks everyone for the replies.

I’m not really sure what has happened. I am guessing some of the files were left on my C drive from the uninstall, and this interfered with the reinstallation on my E drive.

I am using Windows 10 by the way.

When you say ‘remove manually’ do you mean just delete the folder with the files in?

Anyway this I have done. Then ran CCleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner. I have now reinstalled TS back on my C drive, and I am having no issues (touch wood).

I am still thinking maybe there are files left in the registry but I am not sure. The registry is definitely out of my skill area.

Hopefully all will remain well.