Is Video AI frame by frame? Or a clip based effect?

Does Video AI analyze every frame independently? So if a video is edited, it would not make any difference?

I’m trying to understand if I need to use Video AI like an AE Effect where I would need to apply it to each clip in a sequence because it has one “effect” for the entire clip, OR (assuming I would use the exact same Video AI settings) can I apply Video AI to an edited sequence (like to an AE composition that contained multiple clips) and it will analyze on a frame by frame basis, thus giving me the same result as if I had applied Video AI to each individual clip?

What I’m really hoping, is that I can just output a video (from Premiere), then use the Topaz AI software on the entire edited video and I would end up with the same result as if I did a “Replace with After Effects Composition” for each clip in my Premiere sequence. I understand a limitation would be I would have to use the exact same Topaz AI settings across the entire sequence, but I generally seem to be doing that anyway. (Iris consistently gives me the best result for low res interviews).
Thank you for any help!!!

TVAI’s Auto setting adjusts the model every 8 frames. There may be a small chance for error if there’s a hard cut between radically different scenes that falls between adjustments, but most viewers probably wouldn’t notice. The same for Relative to Auto.

If you set the enhancement to Manual, then the same setting will be applied to the entire video from beginning to end.

If your video has scenes with radically different levels of quality, you may be better off doing enhancement before editing. My preference in cases like this is to set manual settings for the different scenes, then enhance the raw footage multiple times so I know that all similar scenes have been processed the same.

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Thank you for the workflow help!
The “every 8 frames” is helpful to know.
Almost all my shots have faces, so Iris adjusting every 8 frames will generally work for many of my videos.
And then, when I need High Quality, I’ll run clips through the Topaz software on the way in.

(Doing “Replace with AE Comp” and then applying Topaz in AE was rendering extremely slowly. Like 6 frames an hour at one point.)