Is Topaz Video AI it worth it for converting old cell phone video?

I have some old (2000-2005) videos taken on a combination of old Nokia phones and Sony Cybershot Cameras. I’m talking 352x288 25/15fps video. Very blocky and grainy.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 9.40.46 AM

I’m not expecting miracles but do you think it’s a waste of money and effort to try to get something out of these with Video AI? I’ve played around with the trial version, but before I spend the time trying to learn all the options, does anyone have experience with this sort of thing and how has it turned out? All the tutorials I see focus on much better quality inputs, even for old videos.

I have one such video that looks much worse than that screen shot, and TVAI cannot help it in any meaningful way. For the most part, such videos will always end up looking like that screen shot, but with different weird artifacts.

I do not think it’s worth buying for that kind of project. But, you should be able to tell if it’s doing what you want in the trial mode.


Thank you, that’s what I thought, what I’m hoping for is probably impossible, and probably always will be. Appreciate it.

I’ve personally had videos of similar poor quality that I tried to upscale via TVAI with no luck. Tried different settings and different AI engines…didn’t make a difference.

My conclusion on the matter is that if the input quality is a total mess…TVAI won’t work miracles.

That being said, I have had luck upscaling 29.97/30FPS 480p content to 1080p with good results.

Yes, Topaz AI can help considerably. Use the Iris-Face model and pick the LQ setting. It will restore the faces on highly blurry shots, and generally sharpen everything else. I used it on old Super 8 movies that were worse than yours, and it’s like a miracle. Try the demo and do a complete run on your movie. Huge watermark, but ignore it.