Is Topaz Studio discontinued?

Hell all,

I’m interested in purchasing topaz studio, but then became a little hesitant when I saw how deeply buried it was in the website. Is it dead software? I still might buy it anyways since it looks pretty capable, but it will be good to know in advance.

I think that depends on your definition of discontinued. TS2 is still for sale (not TS1), but TS2 hasn’t seen any significant updates in a very long time. The reasonable conclusion is that it’s not under active development, but anything is possible for the future. You should base your decision on whether it does what you need right now. It doesn’t appear that TLABS currently has the desire, or staff, to put toward any new development of Studio. Their focus is the AI apps.


JLG is correct. Since you are curious, I will say that I love Topaz Studio. My favorite was the first one but the current one is quite fun. To be honest, not sure $100 worth of fun for an app that is not actively being developed and future unknown. As with all software there may be hardware compatibility issues so I’d suggest you take advantage of the free trial to test it out if you haven’t already done so. There are readily available 15% off coupons around the web (Jim Nix etal).

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I have been wondering the same as well. I have not seen any updates and not even an upgrade release in a couple years. I find in particular the Precision Contrast and the Precision Detail tools to be extremely useful. The AI Clear also has come in quite handy.

I have been wondering if the same is true of the Adjust AI product as well.

When I first was introduced to Topaz Labs, they were basically a PS plug in company. Then the decided to start bundling their plugins into Topaz Studio with improvements in the tools and adding creative tools with it. Now it seems they are abandoning all of that and going back to a couple standalone/plugin apps.

It would be nice to get some definitive answer from the Topaz folks on their direction.

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I think we can mostly infer that by which products are getting updates and which are not.

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while I like Gigapixel AI and Sharpen AI, considering how Topaz has changed directions in the past few years (not a straight-line progression by any means) and dropping products in the process, I am really hesitant in investing in this products.

I enjoy TS2 a lot and use it as much or more than AI Clear or AI Sharpen. The AI tools are starting to get more competition. Is it risky to shy away from diversity and narrow the product focus? I’m disappointed the creative tools are not being developed.

I noticed no updates for quite awhile and found my way to this thread…
IMO Topaz Studio is a landmark graphics program.
I’d be sorry to see it go…

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Topaz Studio 2 is an extremely powerful program but it really shines in ease of use. I would be very disappointed to see it discontinued by Topaz. It is my go-to program for all my editing. I use all Topaz’s other programs as plugins.

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