Is Topaz Clarity no longer a standalone Plugin for PS?

Other words what I’m saying is I have had Clarity for quite some time now and I bought the bundle package a while back . But I do not intend to purchase Studio cause I have no need for it since PS does everything just fine for me with all plugins . Also I have the PhotoFXlab where I can use all plugins . Now I know Topaz Studio has been out for a while now but I don’t need it or desire to start another program I have to purchase just to use my Topaz Plugins but seems that when a new update is available you have to have the Studio program just to get the update . Am I assuming that is correct ? When I bought Topaz plugins all plugins had FREE UPDATES . Do I have to get Studio just to get updates rightfully mine ?? If so then I’m through with Topaz but I really hope this is not the case .

Layman’s opinion…Studio is free and it comes with basic adjustments. All your existing Topaz plug-ins can be run through it as well and Studio itself can be run as a plug-in in PS. It is easier to keep all plug-in’s up-to-date when they all have similar coding rather than trying to update individual ones that are not the same and as I understand it, that’s the direction. If an update is made on an old one to Studio, there is no charge for the updated one if you already own an older one. The new ones are faster running. Seems to me it’s a gain overall

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So if I download the Studio and install then all my plugins are still available through PS to use as always and there is no cost on Studio ?

Correct. In addition Studio can also work as a standalone like PhotoFXLab, and with Studio you’ll be able to use the new Clarity in Studio, thus getting your free update.

Ok so I downloaded and installed then when it opened I am suppose to sign in with username or email and PW . I tried to but it would not allow me to enter . There is an option to create an account . Are we suppose to create a new account ?

I don’t remember creating a new account but that doesn’t mean I didn’t, so I’ll leave the answer to that to someone who knows. No doubt somebody will be along shortly.

Yes, you have to create an account in Studio. You can use the same info as you have in your regular Topaz account. You will then be able to access all your older past plugins from within Studio. You also get quite a few free adjustments when you use Studio and have the option to buy additional ones if you chose to do so.

You can also access Studio as a plugin from within PS under the Filters column in PS.

Yes, you will need to create a Studio account with the same credentials as your normal Topaz login. Then when you start Studio you will need to validate your plugins from under the Help Menu.

You will need to run Studio as a standalone, make sure you have shutdown Photoshop, before accessing the plugins from Photoshop, previous Clarity will remain accessible under the Topaz Labs filter entry as before but the new Clarity will appear under the Topaz Studio entry in the Filter Menu.

Note, at the time being, you must create an unlocked layer (Ctrl+J) before calling Studio or Clarity, as you do with ReMask.

Forget to post this, have a read:

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The only problem is that Studio may require a hardware upgrade. It does not work on my laptop. So in effect I have now lost Clarity which I paid for

No you haven’t lost anything you have paid for. Search for previous versions and you get this link …

Thank You. This should be in the FAQ section. I had earlier sent an email to support after wasting hours on the topic