Is there a way to rent GPU's to assist editing as this software is very slow

Have 30 min 8K footage that is easily editable through premiere, takes roughly 5 hours to render the footage with a 2080 and 64gb of memory. However, with this software it is showing 10 days. I thought for sure Topaz would use their own software created for this type of thing but instead using Ffmpeg which has always been fairly slow.

Wanted to rent GPU power to get this done. Is this possible? Yes isn’t a suitable answer without the how to do it. Preferably with company references. Looking for those that have actually done it as without that experience an answer is moot.


I might help you out maybe. What sort of videos do you want to process? Topaz used it own renderer at first but switched to ffmpeg later. :slight_smile:

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FFMpeg has notoriously been slow since it’s inception so I am rather surprised.

Video I have is 8K 360 footage roughly 60gb in size. Rendered in premiere only took 4 hours - davinci would be a little quicker. But with this its over 10 days. It’s not being upscaled simply cleaned up. So, trying to find GPU’s as I stated that could knock it out faster than my 2080

a 4090 is like 4x 2080, so 2.5 days instead of 10.

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If you create a virtual machine and load TVAI on that, you can use cloud GPUs. Many of the providers will give you several hours of free use as an introductory offer.

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