Is there a way to power use Topaz filters?

I’ve used Topaz filters since they launched their first product. In a fast moving production environment I appreciated dropping down to my filter choices in PS and applying the great Topaz filters. I apply these to hundreds of images a month.

Then they created the Topaz dynamic launch protocol to their filters and everything slowed down. Althought I have purchased all their filters, I just really needed the two I used daily. So I kept my Photoshop CS6 on my Mac just for quickly using Topaz filters directly out of PS.

NOW today I upgraded to Catalina and the old CS6 will not launch. So now I must try to use my Topaz filters out of the latest Adobe Photoshop. The problem is this is not a fast production environment. I have to wait for Topaz to launch which is slow given I work from a remote area on Northern Vancouver Island via satellite. Plus the old filters I depended on, such as Topaz Clean - I can’t find them on the suite of Topaz filters I have purchased. (at least $600 worth).

So since I cannot contact Topaz directly, do any of you in the Topaz community know how to put those fast legacy Topaz plug-in filters on my latest PS? In our graphic universe speed is so important to productivity. Many thanks!

Lars Justinen
creative director
JCG dot com

If you look on the Topaz Labs under the Downloads page there is a link to Legacy Products on the Downloads | Legacy menu … you can download all the Legacy plugins from there.