Is there a way to disable the automatic Raw noise removal?

Is there a way to disable the automatic application of Raw Denoise to every photo. I don’t like the way it changes the color and I apparently can’t disable it from doing it automatically. Ive already turned it down as low as it will go.

You can disable this through Preferences > Autopilot > Remove Noise

I can only disable it for non RAW files. RAW files don’t have an option to disable. It’s messing up my files and I have no alternative. I tried loading in as a jpeg or other format but then my edits aren’t as good either. We need to have the ability to disable automatic noise removal for RAW. Even if I try to remove all enhancements it stays. Not good…

There is no way to stop automatic RAW noise removal. When applied automatically, on some photos it is causing muted colors and banding. Basically makes the program unusable.
There has to be a way to stop this from being automatically applied. Im not sure how this was an oversight.