Is the settings value will be same if i Converted the same video

i’m sorry i know my english not good

ok when i want to use proteus in manual - Sometimes I use a method to find out the good settings for a video that may be up to 20 minutes

The method is that I record the video at the beginning, middle, and end, so that it reaches 30 seconds for make it easy to check and then i check it what is good settings for small video for use this settings for original video

What I want to know is these settings are really suitable even for a long video (the original video). I mean that both videos come with exactly the same quality. For this reason, the settings are supposed to be really appropriate for the original video, but I am worried that these settings are not suitable for the original video just because it is another video.

I want to know is the settings will be suitable for both videos or i have to change the settings because it’s different video even if they exactly same quality

If your videos do have exactly the same quality, then you should be able to use the same settings. And if you have many like that, you can create a preset for those settings.

One thing to consider, though, is whether the quality of a video is the same at the beginning, middle and end. If you check manual setting estimates for different parts of a video and they change a lot, you might not want to use manual at all.

thank you

so the settings will be exactly same

i know the (manual setting estimates) changed every frame but i think if you find the good settings without make it much “sharpen” or “fix compression” to make entire video coming with best result without make damage in the all frames

Do you have another opinion or suggestion to make the video quality better?

Only thing I do differently is if a video has sections that require very different enhancement settings, I’ll cut it into separate sections and enhance them individually. If the video has a lot of cuts between sections that need different settings, I’ll enhance the whole thing several time and then combine sections.

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