Is my computer hardware realistic for video enhancement?

Hi, new owner of Topaz video here. My concern is that my computer hardware is not up to this task?

Dell Precision T3610. E5-1620 V2 @ 3.7
Upgraded memory to 64Gb and replaced stock video card with W7100 that has 8Gb dedicated. 685W power supply. I am ok with render times in several hours or even a couple of days. I realize my hardware setup is rather weak by todays standards.

Have several hours of VHS camcorder video that my Sony mini DV converted to 720x480 WMV several years ago. Also have several hours of digital tape from that camera which is AVI 720x480. All of it interlaced I am sure.

Not looking for miracles here especially with the VHS. Just would like to clean up the grainy look and maybe upscale as far as 720p for the VHS and 1080 for the DV.

Just seem to be having a lot of problems with Topaz: Too many settings to worry about (compared to Hitpaw) H26x encoders cause resolution errors so I cannot export direct to mp4, audio errors with the WMV files (which can of course be worked around) .

It would be nice if one could pick a section of video to process but I can’t figure out a way to do this except with a video editor (have AVS) but it cannot seem to export the clip out in the same format.

Any advice?

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It’s not perfect, but can do that.

Are you saying that your W7100 does work but it’s slow, or you haven’t tried it yet?
If you can get an RTX 3060 or better that will work for sure with the least issues. I would recommend an RX 5600 or better, but my RX 6900 has issues with TVAI. Waiting to see if it’s just mine, or they all have the issue.


Thanks. Was actually thinking of the trim on Hitpaw!

Looks like the RTX3060 might work in my computer albeit at pcie 3.0 speeds. They seem to cost quite a bit even used so a bit of a risk. The W7100 was cheap by comparison. In fact, I bought a second T3610 dirt cheap just to dedicate to video processing since I knew it would consume all the machines resources.

Ok, I think I might have this down now. Currently running a 7min DV clip that was saved in AVI 720x480 - 1.5Gb on disk. Using 1920x1080, Dione DV going to VP9 best and mp4. Transcode audio (that got rid of error). Looks like around 16-18 hours to process but that’s ok and I like what the preview is showing. Actually, the Topaz machine is 32Gb with W7100. Any point in going to 64 or 128 main memory? My understanding is that it’s all about the video card?

your fine. my machine is 32GB using dione DV upscaling to 1080p and it works fine.
If it would be anything, it’s your Graphic Card memory you should worry about, as it uses your GDDR memory mainly.

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Thanks Akila. I wonder if there’s anything in between the W7100 and RTX3060 that would be beneficial? I’d hate to spend around $300 on the RTX3060 only to find out it’s hobbled by the pcie 3 slot.

Unfortunately, this is something I can’t comment on , as I am still running on an old GTX 1080 Ti.
no experience whatsoever with 30xx series cards.

But you can check the User’s Benchmark post, I am sure you will find a 3060 some where there.

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The PCIe Gen 3 will not hinder it at all. Only NVMe SSDs can actually use the bandwidth of Gen 3 PCIe. GPUs don’t really need that much.