Is it really necessary to change the UI at every version?

As title says…why do you keep changing the UI?
Completely unnecessary as it is just cosmetic, showing the same things in different style or at different place on the screen. Waste of resources


UI development is usually done by a separate team so it probably wouldn’t interfere with the functionality of the software.

Do i need to point out that:

A. their payment is still resources spent

B. Changing the UI at every version is still unnecessary and actually more annoying than useful - especially because as i pointed out it doesn’t really add anything new they just move things around.

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Their time would be much better spent actually supporting NVidia GPUs and their drivers to actually WORK for the program! As it stands most models won’t load when using the new/previous NVidia drivers!

EDIT: Well, it seems that this software is best used with the studio drivers rather than game drivers, I think I’m going to stick with studio drivers as I spend just as much time with my 3D art as gaming anyways as this program has become an invaluable link for my video encoding pipeline…

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Even if the core processes are the same, being able to access them readily is pretty important.

As a developer myself, I find myself fiddling with the GUI of my programs almost constantly just so other people will get it.

Is it…to have a switch instead of putting an X in a box for keeping audio for example…as i said…nothing new just different visuals…and it is just annoying that with every update you need to look somewhere else for the same funcionality

It’s difficult to explain. When you write a complex piece of software, you end up with hundreds of different functions that you have to present to the user somehow. And some of those can fall into two or more categories so you’re never quite sure how to present them. Should this function go in the File menu or the Edit menu? Should it look like a checkbox or a switch? Should there be a third option? Even a slight revision can lead to entire sections of the UI ending up somewhere else.