Is it possible to export without container if no Audio is selected?

Relative newbie here in the forum, but have worked with Video Enhancer AI v4 daily for almost 6 months. I have had extraordinary results restoring vintage 1970’s B/W video tape and upscaling to 4K.
My problem is that I’m currently using DVDLogic 4K UHD Authoring software which does not recognize any of the current containers .mp4, .mkv or .mov as acceptable. I have the audio corrected (Pro Tools) and in sync with the videos so will mux them together in the authoring program. Can I simply export say in H.265 with no container?

No you can’t :slight_smile:

mpeg-4 (h264) is supported alongside PCM audio.

If you were comfortable with using the command line method then you can output in any way that is supported by ffmpeg.



You still have to export to some form of container tho.

ffmpeg supports raw data suitable for piping (e.g. to another ffmpeg process).