Is it possible to export video in 9:16 (Vertical / TikTok / Insta Reels Export)

This is has already been asked before but I haven’t found an answer.

I’m trying to export a 9:16 (vertically shot) video and retain that aspect ratio… but it’s exporting as 16:9 with bars on each side.

Is there a way besides rotating the video (to 16:9) and importing/exporting, then rotating it back?

Set your output resolution to Custom, unlock the aspect ratio and enter the height and width manually. If your source isn’t already that aspect ratio, set the crop setting to Crop to Fill.

Thanks for the help, Ill test it out and report back

I’m still having the same issue, even when I use crop to fill it exports 16:9 with black bars on either side of video. For more info, I’m simply trying to upscale to 4k and convert to 60fps. Original video is 1080p 24fps.

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I shot a quick vid on my phone and imported it, and this is what it looked like upsampled to 4k. Seemed pretty straightforward.

What are the actual pixel measurements of your source file?

After exporting the video in Topaz, the preview within Topaz looks like its vertical. With that being said, per my screenshot, you can see the video in the folder where it was saved whereby the aspect ratio of the video is now 16:9.

Source file:
Resolution: 1080 x 1920
FPS: 23.976
Orientation: 9:16

Best bet is probably to open a support ticket.

Okay sounds good, thanks for the help

For the output resolution, did you pick ‘2X upscale’ or the (4K) option?

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Yes, changing to the ‘2x’ instead of the 4k option fixed this issue. Thank you @ForSerious

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