Is auto and manual when i press estimate are same or there is different between these

sorry my english not good

i want know what exactly different between auto and when i press estimate in manual

i know when i prees estimate chech best setting for whole video so this setting will run for the whole video

what i want to know exactly is auto option always check the video every 10 seconds or every one minute
because i think some video are in the beginning are need high sharping and in the last the video need low sharping so so estimate maybe not always good for the whole video

Auto checks every 8 frames if I am not mistaking, while if you use Manual and Estimate it takes that value you set and use it for the entire video.

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Yes. Auto is like pressing Estimate in Manual every 8 frames and applying those changes automatically.

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thank you
so auto like Estimate in Manual but the different is Estimate in Manual is checking entire video one time
but auto is always checking every 8 frames when it’s working for the video right?

I think it is more accurate to say: Estimate in manual mode checks the values needed on the frame you are on when pressing the estimate button and then applies the same values of that frame throughout the entire video ignoring the fact that other parts of the video (frames) might react better to different values.

Not exactly. in Manual when you press “estimate”, it only estimates the values needed from the frame you are on when pressing the estimate button.



It doesn’t comb through your entire video to estimate it and provide you some kind of an average value(s) for the video, no, it doesn’t. Only one “representative” frame for the entire video.

Auto mode is a different story altogether. In Auto mode, the estimation happens every 8 frames throughout the entire video.
e.g. If your video has 8000 frames in total (2m 22s clip at 60 fps), there would be 1000 estimations happening behind the scene during the upscale / enhancement process.
i.e. each “estimation” frame would stick its values for itself and to the upcoming 7 frames and use those values to all 8 frames ( itself + 7 frames e.g. frame 1 - 8). then a new estimation would happen (on frame 9) and the values would be used for itself and the upcoming 7 frames (frame 9 - 16). then a new estimation would happen (on frame 17) and the values would be used for itself and the upcoming 7 frames (frame 17 - 24), and so on until the video is completed.

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