Irregular (noise) structures around poles/lines

Hi – as already reported from denoising, I have seen that there is a similar issue when upscaling with Photo AI. There is a lot of noise just around poles but almost none in the middle between two poles.

Hope you can sort this out.
Thanks, Markus

Was your image noisy?

Just a little?


Set 5/5/5

Turn on denoise, set:

Surn on sharpen Strong, set:

When the image is noisy still increase denoising via denoise and not enhnance.

Well, it was very noisy. ISO 3200 – I have removed noise by using Photo AI in Capture One and generated a DNG. Then I have developed the DNG into Photoshop and from there tried to upscale it.

The problem is that if I try to upscale the TIFF developped from C1 into Photoshop, I get strange patterns – so I have to use the way from C1 via Photo AI into Photoshop and then to Photo AI again for upscaling…

What would be your recommendation?

RAW–> PhotoAI (Denoise) > DNG–> C1 Editing → Tiff (16bit)-> Photoshop (editing) save-> Tiff (16bit)-> PhotoAI ->upscale–>tiff(16bit).

When you get the pattern try to lower denoise, sharpen and compression, if you raise them this will cause the pattern.

A fix for the pattern is in the works.

If you want to fix the pattern in editing, juat add some monochromatic noise in photoshop (1%).

Yep, sounds reasonable - thanks!

The values you have sent me before are for the use when upscaling?

I have asked for a grain tool as we had in Topaz Denoise AI many times – it would be very handy for such situations…


I did ask 100 times for it, would be very useful.



When enhance produces too much artifacts just turn on denoise and lower the values of enhance.

Upscale is the last thing you do in your workflow.