Iris Version 2 Feedback

This is a positive feedback post to say thank you so much for Iris V2. Version 1 can sometimes produce overly soft images, which version 2 addresses. Also it’s great to be able to switch between different versions of renders while they’re exporting and for the display image to jump to the matching frame making it possible to easily compare the same frame between two different renders. Some outstanding features. Thank you so much!

Update to post:
I understand that versions 1 and 2 each have their own strengths, which is why I’m glad to have access to both versions. Please continue to provide access to both versions. I have found that V1 can be better over all, where as V2 can be used those images that require it.


I confirm for the preview on the same image, it’s the best, they should not delete it because it avoids having to search for the same image, a big time saver all the same

I’m finding Iris2 tries too hard and often ends up with really unnatural results. (Unsettling faces, rings around detail, chewed up textures, blurry originals become blobs with hard edges but no extra detail) Is that just inherent to the new model or is there a difference in the way “auto” tends to tune things (which could be counteracted with different settings)?


Yes, I’ve had issues too. Especially with text on various items. I just spotted an issue with name tags on uniforms that got a very hard, unnatural edge. I also saw something similar to text on a computer screen where all the lines were doubled. Even when turning down the settings a lot.

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How can you switch back and forth between Iris v1 and v2 without reinstalling an older version of TVAI? In my usage, Iris v1 has generally been better for me and I’d like to stick with it for now.

Version 3.5.1 provides both options in the Enhancement tab.

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I think because I selected the “delete older models” option when I installed 3.5.1, the ‘Versions’ section wasn’t present for me. Doesn’t seem to be a straightforward way of getting v1 back.

There is a setting in Preferences to enable older versions. I too added back Iris V1.