Iris and Eyes

Using the new Iris model on interlaced video, it does clean up VHS captures pretty well, but overall being extremely soft. I thought that Iris would be much like Proteus, except being able to use it for interlaced sources. But there’s an issue sometime when it comes to eyes. I don’t know if Iris has a catalogue of eyes in the model, or doing some kind of “heal tool” feature like in Photoshop, but you get some interesting and maybe disturbing results.

First pic is from a VHS tape that recorded originally from an analog cable source. Iris looks like it added and moved an eye on the singer.

Second pic is also from a VHS tape that recorded from a satellite DVR through component cables. The original video doesn’t have the person’s eyes askew (the eye on the left is appears to be pasted on.)

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Its soft because there is no detail in interlaced and compressed videos.

The Sharpness you see in the first screenshot (left) are from the interlacing and compression artifacts.

Compression is all about loosing detail exept loss less compression.

Compression and Noise does images to appear more sharp.

Maybe if they train the model further it will gain some sharpness.

I agree with this being a problem with Iris. It introduces strange eyes, and pupils that look fake and pasted on that aren’t correct. Similarly it can add glasses where there are none ( often when the camera is moving). I would like to be able to turn off the parameters that bring this issue. I’d rather it was closer to the original video, even if the eyes are soft. The other Iris issue is that it makes images look posterised. The model is good at removing noise and artefacts. This can soften things but is a trade off. Dione looks poor in comparison. Is there a way to add another parameter and adjust the Iris model (other than recovering original detail)?

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