Iran - Pink Mosque

a random picture i took from internet. the Pink Mosque in Iran. was low quality - upscaled with gigapixel AI latest + Adjust AI to enhance the colors. this is the result hope you like it.


Technically, a perfect image, but it does not look or feel like a photograph. It has a strong synthetic atmosphere.

usually i would agree with you, but beyond my enhacements thats how it looks for real when the sun hits the colored glass. if you look on google “iran pink mosque” you will see it for yourself.

I did look, and the image, A Beautiful nightmare! - Review of Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran - Tripadvisor, is as expected. Your image is, as seen, grossly over processed. If you look carefully, you can see inconsistencies in the shadows, near corners, etc. Personally, I do not like over processing, especially in HDR images. But that’s only my taste.

you choosed the WORSE picture out there, probably a day fully clouded, or in a mist of a storm.
this is a picture NON edited, from a sunny day. again the over saturation and other complaints you give me, up to a point its my fault since i wanted to make the image with POPPING OUT colors like technicolor style. still its just 30% brighter colors than reality. once again in this case the reality beats the software enhacement. take a look

I am sorry for the misunderstanding. I did not complain, as I was not offended or hurt. I expressed a different opinion/taste. Please do not forget that we speak different languages and come from different backgrounds.
Yes, the picture I chose was bad, and I did it on purpose. A beautiful woman is still a beautiful woman on a bad day. I don’t like makeup. But, please, don’t take my words more than they are, a messenger for a different taste.
Keep healthy and happy clicks.

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